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Do Something Really Special for Valentine’s Day

February 13th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is for lovers.  And if you really love someone, you really care about his or her health.  So why are so many men sitting on the sidelines as social and religious conservatives work to shut down family planning clinics and limit a women’s access to contraception and other preventive health services?

Good question.  Maybe they think that standing up for women is a job for women, not men.  Or maybe they just don’t realize what’s at stake.  Whatever the reason, it’s time for men to stand up for women and their reproductive health. That’s what ‘real men’ do when the women in their lives are threatened by the Rick Santorums of the world who regard contraception as dangerous, and a woman’s reproductive health as secondary to the need to procreate.  That’s what real men do when family planning clinics are shutting down and when zealots are denying victims of rape and incest the right to emergency contraception.

Come on, men, in the battle for the reproductive health of women, it is “Game on.”  And if you’re not making calls to your federal and state legislators, than you are not in the game.  Maybe you think that women don’t need your help on this one.  If so, you would be wrong.  Dead wrong.  A family planning clinic near you or a woman you love may already be shutting down; several states have slashed funding.  Social conservatives in Congress are bent on denying federal funding to clinics that, in addition to family planning, provide lifesaving breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings.  If you didn’t know that already, you’re not paying attention.

And, men, just in case you are not reading this article, I’m calling on the women in your life to let you know that if you care about them and their reproductive health, you should care enough to get involved.

That’s why the Population Institute is encouraging women to send a special e-Valentine to the men in their lives this year. And the message is very simple:

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Men who love women,

Care about their health too.

Every woman, rich or poor, deserves access to family planning services and quality health care. 

Be my Valentine!

Stand up for women and their reproductive health.

If you’re a man, we have an e-Valentine that you can send to the women in your life, letting them know that you are on their side in the fight for reproductive health and rights.  It won’t substitute for flowers or candy, but remember:  it’s the thought that counts.

Posted by Robert J. Walker, President


3 Responses to “Do Something Really Special for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Steven Earl Salmony Says:

    Scientists, speak out as if you are a million voices….. send a Valentine to children everything by telling the truth, according to the lights you possess.

    To leave the children unaware and unprepared to address and overcome global challenges because their soft, sanctimonious, selfish and criminally stupid elders refused to so much as adequately communicate the best available scientific evidence of climate change seems somehow not quite right. A single generation has shown itself to be quite ready, willing and able to ravage the Earth, pollute it environs, extirpate its biodiversity and leave the mess made in the process for the children to clean up. What are we to say, finally, about a generation that mortgages the future of its children, threatens their very existence and chooses in every present moment to willfully deny their adult responsibilities so they can keep greedily doing just as they like, come what may?

    If what is going on now in our world, the world we are blessed to inhabit, the one we are borrowing from our children, does not “ruffle some feathers” and arouse us to speak out, then what is the point of speech? We have evidently chosen to forget the words of an ancestor who reminds all of us, even now, “Speak out as if you are a million voices because your silence is killing the world.”

  2. Nadia Covey Says:

    The Rick Santorum’s of the world do not regard contraception as dangerous, they on the other hand view life as precious and valuable, and there is a great difference between the two.

  3. Bob Walker Says:


    Here is what Rick Santorum has to say about contraception:

    “One of the things I will talk about that no President has talked about before is, I think, the dangers of contraception in this country, the whole sexual libertine idea. Many in the Christian faith have said, ‘Well, that’s okay. Contraception’s okay.’

    “It’s not okay because it’s a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”

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