Population Matters

Day 2: From Mother Earth to Mothers 17 Days of Action

April 23rd, 2011

Day Two – See How Population and Climate Change Relate

Climate change and population dynamics interact in profound ways and will continue to do so over the next decades. Population Action International has created an amazing interactive mapping tool that will enable you to see how climate change will affect people and the environment, and how the projected population will change in both the short and long term. By looking at this tool you are able to gain an understanding as to the importance of including family planning and reproductive health care in any climate change response. As part of the 17 days of action linking Earth Day (April 22) to Mother’s Day (May 8), endorsers and supporters of the “Million for a Billion” are encouraging people to take the guided tour of the Population Action International population and climate change map.

Take a guided tour:  http://www.populationaction.org/Publications/Interactive_Databases/climate_map.shtml

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