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Jane Roberts Takes on the U.S. House

March 1st, 2011

Jane Roberts, the co-founder of 34 Million Friends of UNFPA, wrote a wonderful blog for RH Reality Check today about the testimony that she would like to give to the U.S. House of Representatives on the effort to defund the United Nations Population Fund

Years ago, when Congress voted to defund UNFPA, Jane helped lead a campaign to collect small donations to help make up the difference.  Thanks to Jane’s vision and tenacity, it was a tremendous success.  While she didn’t fill the $34 million gap, she did manage to collect a lot of donations and raise a lot of political support for UNFPA along the way.  In 2003 she was one of the Women of the Year for MS Magazine, in 2004 one of the 21 Leaders of the 21st Century for Women’s eNews and in 2005, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize with the 1000 Peace Women Project under the auspices of UNESCO in Bern, Switzerland.

Now, with a Congressional battle looming over UNFPA’s funding, she’s back in the arena again, and in her inimitable and impact way, her “fantasy” testimony dissects the hypocrisy of UNFPA’s opponents and carefully restates the many reasons why UNFPA’s funding needs to be renewed.  Not surprisingly, her testimony starts in with [in her own words] a “bang”:

Quite honestly, your vote to disallow a U.S. allocation to the United Nations Population Fund shows your utter lack of discernment, your ignorance about the function of UNFPA, and your willingness to believe the lies of Chris Smith over the consensus in the world that women’s health, education, and human rights are at the core of any chance in the future for people, the planet and peace.

You should take a moment to read her post in its entirety.

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